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爱知县内 | 
 游泳 1.9km / 自行车 90.1km / 马拉松 21.1km


Latest information(Oct.10)
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  • 2020.10.10

● Waiver and a copy of your insurance card must be sent in advance

A waiver and a copy of your insurance card must be sent in advance.

To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we will not receive documents at the time of athlete check-in. Please send the following documents to info@ironman703.jp as an attachment as soon as possible.

When you send an email, please include the race number and your name in the body.



Fill in the date, participant name, race number and signature.

・ A copy of your health insurance card ,if you have Japanese insurance. It will be used only for your immediate medical claim and it will be disposed adter race.


● Health check: Answer required

Please answer from here about your health status for the last 14 days.


● Shuttle Bus

Please see here for the free shuttle bus service. When you go to athlete check in and back to your hotel after the race, your bike will be loaded by truck which goes with your bus. Put the bike on the truck in the assembled state. Please do not bring bike case.


● About the race briefing video

We haven't uploaded it to the race website yet. We will post it on the WEB and notify you by email within a few days.


● Athlete Information Guide

We will post it on the WEB within a few days and notify you by email.

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