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爱知县内 | 2020.10.18(周日) 
 游泳 1.9km / 自行车 90.1km / 马拉松 21.1km


Free shuttle service
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  • 2020.08.05

We are preparing for the operation of free shuttle buses this year as well.

In the future, we will ask athletes if they will come to the venue by private car and we will consider the route and number of vehicles, so please cooperate in that case.


However, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, we would like to ask athletes to refrain from using public transportation as much as possible and to come in their own cars.


For example, even athletes visiting by plane or train may rent a car after arriving in the venue. We would appreciate it if you could consider it.


We will update for the shuttle bus on our WEB.



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