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爱知县内 | 2020.10.18(周日) 
 游泳 1.9km / 自行车 90.1km / 马拉松 21.1km

开始  days later


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  • 2020.01.22

Register Now !


Registration for the 2020 race started today at 12:00(JST) midday.

Apply from the red registration button from here.


IM 70.3 Japan  https://ironman703.jp/zh/703/#entry

5150  https://ironman703.jp/zh/5150/#entry

IRONKIDS  https://ironman703.jp/zh/kids/#entry


If you do not see the registration button, clear the screen history and try updating the display.


The best discount early registration period is for the first week only.

We will close the entry as soon as the capacity is reached, We recommend that you register early.

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