The Executive category, also referred to as VIP, offers business leaders with exclusive privileges to the world’s most challenging endurance event, the IRONMAN Triathlon. The program is allowing you time to enjoy the Ironman journey and focus on other priorities such as work, family and training. Participation within IRONMAN VIP provides a one-of a kind, unique race weekend experience.

Your challenge will also give us a helping hand to make our event better.

■ Benefits Include

  • Personalized registration, packet pick-up on the before the race.
  • Priority of the time on Bike check-in. (Bike check-in on race day is not avaiable.).
  • VIP passes for race day to include escorts VIP seating at banquet functions.
  • VIP categories for awards.
  • Free entry of IRONKIDS (1 child).
  • Relaxed at 「IRONMAN Lounge」in NTP Marine after finish.

* Please note that there may be changes in those benefit.

■ Entry Fee

JPY 100,000 (108,000 included tax)

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We, the event organizers, value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. We will use the information that we gather from each of our athletes for the following purposes:

- To create and improve our event program

- To provide Athlete Information Guide and related information

- To provide and post results of events

- To send newsletters about upcoming events

- To provide services by partners, sponsors and related organizations

We will also use the information within the range necessary for the event management.

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