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AICHI Pref. JAPAN | October 18, 2020 Sunday 
 Swim 1.9km / Bike 90.1km / Run 21.1km



IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan

Result (Without Ranking)
Result (Without Ranking)
This is a result with time that does not include ranking. The overall ranking, the ranking of each age category, the VIP category, the Local residence category, and the ranking in Physically Challenged are in preparation. We are waiting for WTC work and decisions.
WTC is still working through the results for the AGR points to be allocated as this is a little more complicated and will be released once approved.
We will announce it later, so please wait for a while. If you have any questions about the results, please email to ironmanasia@ironman.com.
IRONMAN 70.3 WC slot allocation
AGE Result
Number of allocations
by age group
40 slots were allocated according to the number of starters in each age group on the day of the race.
The right hand column is the number of laps that was used per age group.
The number of bike laps used was based on the majority of athletes in each age group passing that bike lap.
WTC want to reward those age groups that had completed as much of the bike course to have their times included and make it as fair as possible.
Slots have been allocated by the WTC decision. If you have any questions about slot allocation, please email ironmanasia@ironman.com.
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Due to bad weather at IRONKIDS Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan in 2020, the content of the race has been changed as follows.

Age 6-8 Beach Run 350m Run 1km

Age 9-10 Beach Run 400m Run 1km

Age 11-12 Beach Run 450m Run 2km

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