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AICHI Pref. JAPAN | October 18, 2020 Sunday 
 Swim 1.9km / Bike 90.1km / Run 21.1km




【Certificate of completion】
Please download your certificate from the page of your details results.
* If you click the "MY CERTIFICATE", you can see the certificate.


【Certificate of completion】
Please download your certificate from the page of your details results.
* If you click the "MY CERTIFICATE", you can see the certificate.

Announcement of the official record of IRONMAN 70.3.

The Official Result Announcement

We hereby announce the official results for IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan, held on Sunday, 7th June 2015. We apologize for the delay in announcing the results, which was due to an operational issue.
As we explained at the award party on race day, a false start occurred on the 8th wave start and it resulted in a 5 minute delay in the start. This resulted in changes to time and we will give the official view in writing.
We already announced the top finishers on race day and the qualifiers of the slots for the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship have been awarded. However, after closeer examination, we found that there were some inaccuracies relating to athletes in the 8th wave, due to the controls surrounding the cut-off time for the bike leg. We have therefore adjusted the official results to sahow that a number of athletes who had previously been confirmed as completing the race as "DNF" (did not finish).
We sincerely apologize to those athletes who are subjected to this adjustment. We will take steps to ensure that this does not reoccur in the future. Please accept our apology and we thank you for you understanding.

●Wave start, the setting of time limit and operation

Our race adopts wave starts for the safety of the swim race and to increase capacity for the bike course.
The time limits are: Swim finish 1 hour 10 min, Bile finish 4 hour 57 min, Run finish 8 hour after each respective wave start. This is designed to operate fairly for each wave.
There are 2 cut-off gates for the bike and 1 for the run. In addition, we disqualify and stop the athletes as needed who appear not to be capable of meeting the next cut-off gate or finish line. This must be done to comply with the traffic restrictions.
In the race this year, there were 2 significant time set-up.
One is the start time at 7:30am due to avoid the peak time in the early morning that trucks drive through Chita city coastal industrial area.
The other is 14:00pm which is the time to release the traffic regulation at Minami Chita Toll road, due to avoid the peak time that increase the amount of traffic at on the toll road.
In order to release the traffic restrictions at 14:00 pm at Minami Chita Toll road, 13:37pm was the absolute cut-off time allowed for the last athlete, as we have to take into consideration the removal of traffic markings, safety controls, collect object such as fallen object and confirm the safe condition.
On race day, 7 athletes were disqualified at this cut-off gate.

1. the impact of the 8th wave start and the handling of time limits

* Fact situation

On race day, a misunderstanding by the athletes of a call from the MC, which was to warm up the athletes, led to a number of athletes to start the race before the start horn was brew. It took 5 minutes to restart the race officiallym, as athletes had to be stopped by life savers and led back to the start line.
The detail of traffic regulation and time was determined and we also had permission of the road usage after the committee discussed closely with Aichi prefectural police headquarters, 3 police station under the jurisdiction, the traffic police of toll road, road administrator (Aichi public road corporation for Minami Chita Toll road).
Especially for Minami Chita toll road as it is the road for cars/ tracks and even a 5 minute delayed was not accepted.
When the false start occurred, the race head office informed to start point that it is unable to change the traffic restriction time at the cut-off gates especially the finish time of traffic restrictions at Minami Chita Toll road, but unfortunately is was not possible to inform the athletes of the 8th wave at the start.
We have got an enquiry individually from a part of athletes to marshals if there is change to the cut-off time, but marshals gave incporrect answers.
Although each cut-off gate time are not changeable, we didn't inform this to the athletes of the 8th wave start. We apologize for the lack of information provided by the marshals and for confirming incorrect information on the spot.

* Countermeasure

・We will take better consideration of unexpected situations such as false starts when organizing next year's event to allow for more such delays in the cut-off times and to carry out better information sharing thoroughly to the person concerned.

・We will work with the MC so that athletes are not confused or accidentally started off.

・We will reconfirm the information sufficiently, make prior arrangements so this will not happen again. We will also work towards the reinforcement of the cooperation in the panel of judges and technical improvement.

2. About the appropriate operation of the time limit at each cut-off gate not having been carried out

* Facts

We posted marshals at the swim finish, bike finish, and finish. They operated and managed each cut-off gate.
During the race we let a number of athletes pass (3 at the Swimming finish, 21 at the Bike finish and 3 at the finish), who should have been disqualified due to cut-off times. This meant that theseathletes were able to finish the race as a finisher, yet some athletes were force to stop their race at the cut-off gate.
We have decided to handle the above athletes as DNF. We express our deepest apology for this.

* Countermeasure

We will carry out prior meetings thoroughly in order to perform the application of cut-offs effectively and to better cooperation with all involved officials to prevent this from reoccurring.

3. About other record corrections

Other than 1 and 2, We have modified the below. There was false input of the age in some entries and we have changed the race number and also the wave start, but this was not reflected in the results.

It has taken some time to investigate the above issues and reconcile the data, which has led to the delay in publishing the official results. We apologize that a problem in the race operations has caused an unwilling result and we promise to make the effort so that the same same mistakes will not reoccur.

June 17, 2015
Organizer: IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan Committee
Marshal: Aichi Triathlon Association

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