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AICHI Pref. JAPAN | October 18, 2020 Sunday 
 Swim 1.9km / Bike 90.1km / Run 21.1km

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Race Briefing / Bike and Gear Pick-up
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  • 2020.01.21

Race Briefing / Bike and Gear Pick-up


1. Race Briefing


Saturday, June 13th, 2020


9:20-10:20  Age Group Race Briefing 1 - Japanese

10:30-11:20 Age Group Race Briefing 2 - Japanese

11:30-12:20 Age Group Race Briefing 3 - Japanese

12:30-13:00 Age Group Race Briefing 4 - English

13:00-13:20 Pro Athlete Briefing

13:30-14:20 Age Group Race Briefing 6 - Chinise

15:30-16:20 Age Group Race Briefing 7 - Japanese


It is mandatory to attend.

As most Japanese athletes are to attend Race Briefing in morning 1-3 every year, in fear of beyond the room capacity, and we limit the number of people on a first come, first served basis.
If you will attend other time of Race Briefing(4-7), There is no limit on the number of people.
Race Briefing 1-3,7 are held in Japanese language. If you need interpreting, please attend English Race Briefing 4(12:30-13:20) or Chinese Race Briefing 6(13:30-14:20). Race Briefing 5(13:00-13:20) is only for PRO.
A registration item has been added to select the race briefing session you want to participate in. Race briefings 1 to 3 cannot be selected if the maximum number of people is reached on a first-come, first-served basis. Please select the race briefing you want to participate in at the time of registration.
If you choose Race Briefing 1-3, you will be emailed the participation pass of each number to the athlete who selected it 2-3 weeks before the race.
In order to attend Race Briefing 1-3, you need to show the "Participation Pass" to the staff at the entrance. For Race Briefing 4(in English), 5, 6 or 7(in Japanese), no Participation Pass required.



2. Bike & Gear Pick-up


After the race, your bike & gear are transported to Boat Race Tokoname South Parking or Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South. Choose where you want to receive them. Please choose which one you would like to return at the time of registration.

- "Boat Race Tokoname South Parking" is near the finish area. This is a pick-up place for athletes staying around the finish area or those living nearby.

There is no parking lot for athletes around the Boat race Tokoname South parking lot. If athletes visit here by private car, please use the hotel parking lot you stay.


-"Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South" is located in the Centrair Island, near the athlete parking lot (a toll parking lot).


For athletes who will come by plane/ bus/ train or who will stay in airport island, we recommend to select Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South.

*For parking on the airport island, please use the parking lot of each accommodation facility when staying on the island. Please use the Chubu Centrair International Airport "P4 Parking" when using the public parking lot.

If the airport parking lot and the toll parking lot around airport are full, you can also use the parking lot at the International Exhibition Center Aichi Sky Expo.


*Please note that the Centrair Airport bridge which connects the airport and main land is used only for cars/trucks, bike traffic is prohibited.

*Red Marking is placed on the Bike seat post label and Transition bag label if you would chose Centrair Airport Ferry Terminal South.

*Bike and gear can't be sent separately to different places. For more information about Bike & Gear Delivery, please read through the guidance from the link below.


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