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Course Updated





We updated our WEB about Course. You can also check the profile here.


■ Swim in Shinmaiko Marine Park

Swimming in Shinmaiko Marine Park is prohibited, aside from race and warm up on race day. This is incredibly important, please do not break this rule! The future of our race depends on our athletes' compliance.


■ Bike course practice: (the first loop)

Many athletes, (cyclists, and wheelchair runners) train on this service road (the first section of the bike course) all through the year, and many accidents have been reported, some including fatalities.
This has really concerned local businesses, government and police about the safety of this road, not only during a race, but also when athletes train here.
In order to secure the road for use in our race, and the future of our event, we have had many meetings with local organizations and have been able to gain their understanding and permission. Between now and race day, if reckless riding is observed, the race will be canceled by the police.
This service road is used generally for local, corporate and industrial business. We would like to promote and protect the harmony of the lives of our local people and businesses. Practicing on this road disrupts the flow of everyday life here for many people, so we (the race office) are asking our athletes to not use this service road for practice.


■ Please Do Not:

-ride in large groups, or in a long line


-ride in TT position with head down. Please remain alert at all times.

-cut off vehicles in traffic. Please use proper judgement when entering traffic, and follow the posted instructions for stopping.

*Any of the above, is a violation of the Road Traffic Laws in Japan and you can be fined/punished.


■ Roads (designated only for cars/trucks)

On all toll roads, you must not ride bike. Nishi-Chita-Sangyo By-pass (runs parallel to the service road) is also used exclusively by cars from North of "Hinaga"(Chita city).
Centrair Airport bridge which connects the airport and main land is also used only for cars/trucks, bike traffic is prohibited. If you are staying at a hotel by the airport, please use alternatives (car or train) for connection.
*Bike traffic on those roads is prohibited by Japan's Road Traffic Laws.


■ Do not enter the schoolyard *AUTHORIZED ONLY*

Tokoname junior high school provides its schoolyard as an AID station this year.
For the raison of security and tranquility, it is prohibited to enter the schoolyard except for the race day on Sunday June 9, 2019. Some cyclists have seen in the school to do primary inspection. We want to respect the school rule. If such a situation continues, it will be the big obstacle for the management of the race.
Not only the week-end but also the day before of the race, Saturday June 8 ,2019 it is prohibited to enter the schoolyard.


■ No Bikes on T2 (Handa Play Field)

Bikes are prohibited on T2 (Handa Play Field). Athlete can bike in the park only on race day. When you go to preview to T2 (Handa Play Field) by bike, please park to the fixed parking area for bicycles, and preview by walk.