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[10th anniversary interview] Mr. Kazuhiro Nakashima



■ Tell us your enthusiasum for this race.

I want to practice harder to beat my personal best time.


■ What is your most memorable race?

Since I drunk a lot the previous day, I overslept.
I could make it to be in the start line, but I lost my swimming goggles.
I didn't have enough time to have breakfast so that I got exhausted at T2.
One athlete who was changing his cloth gave me a gelly. I was really appreciated the kindness.
I learned that you have to be very well prepared to participate the race!


■ Did you get something from keeping IRONMAN70.3 for ten years ?

I learned how to keep my concentration and to encourage myself to try something at which I 'm not good.


■ What's the IRONMAN for you exactly?

I do training not to defeat myself.
It's the great sport since I find myself that I am supported by people around me.


"The 10th anniversary interview" will be introduced in the future.