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[10th anniversary interview] Mr. Masatoshi Natsume



■ Tell us your enthusiasum for this race.

I want to reach the finish line and to show my performance to respond to my family's expectations.


■ What is your most memorable race?

The sixth race in 2015.
My wife came cheer on me and she was pregnant, her due date was just around the corner.
After she watched my riding acrossing the FINE bridge, she went to the clinic.

When I was running around the 5km point in Mihama-town, I was told by my father-in-law.
He leaped out and told me
" Hey, she's just gone into labor. What are you going to do?"
I ran at a killing space and I didn't remember where and how I ran. I finished running much earlier than I expected.
While I was putting my cloth in a hurry to go to the clinic, I got a call from my wife.
" Our baby was born...." she said.
I could not make it to the quadriathlon... It was the big blunder in my life.


■ Did you get something from keeping IRONMAN70.3 for ten years ?

I found myself that It's important to keep going.
There are rainy days and sunny days in your life and in the race as well.
Taking this "never-give-up" spirit works out in my daily life.


■ What's the IRONMAN for you exactly?

It's the sign of " happy and healthy".
I can perticipate IRONMAN70.3 since my family are all well.
I have challenged myself to run the race in order to make the sign of "happy and healthy".


"The 10th anniversary interview" will be introduced in the future.