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[10th anniversary interview] Mr. Tetsuya Aoki



■ Tell us your enthusiasum for this race.

I am grateful that I can continue participating in the IRONMAN70.3 ten times in a row.
My goal is to complete the race without getting hurt.


■ What is your most memorable race?

The first race (Sep.19th 2010)
In swim, it was tough to swim towards the yacht with other swimmers making turns around me. It was not easy to swim in the crowded water.
Speaking of the bike course, I dropped at an aid station at 76km point to get some water. I was almost dehydrated, I had to crawl up the stairs to get to the washroom.
For the run course, the goal was the first and the last Centrair temporary parking lot.
Since I'm from Sapporo I was surprised at the heat in Chita peninsula.


■ Did you get something from keeping IRONMAN70.3 for ten years ?

It is great to take part in the race with my wife.
I enjoyed practicing riding the bike with my wife every weekend between April and May.


■ What's the IRONMAN for you exactly?

What keeps me going.
The joy of completing the race.


Tetsuya won the free entry to Shanghai race!
We asked her about the race.


■ What is your most exciting point in the course?

I'm expecting the bike course.
( I like riding a bike. )


■ Have you ever joined the race overseas? Tell us about the race.

I took part in the IRONMAN Taiwan between 2016 and 2018.
It was very hot and tough to ride a bike and to run in 2016 and 2017.
Since the typhoon had gone, it was too windy to ride a bike in 2018.


■ Give us your enthusiasm for the race!

I'm looking forward to reaching the goal with my wife.


"The 10th anniversary interview" will be introduced in the future.