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[10th anniversary interview] Mr. Tadao Uchida



■ Tell us your enthusiasum for this race.

It will be the last race in my fourties so that I want it to be the wonderful one.


■ What is your most memorable race?

It was the great memory on the third race since there were people cheered my name.
They were volunteers I met on the 1st and the 2nd races. I was touched that they remembered my name despite the course was changed from the previous races.
I remember the day whenever I participate the IRONMAN70.3 Centrair Japan.


■ Did you get something from keeping IRONMAN70.3 for ten years ?

Every time I struggle and try to run whole course in agony.
People along the street give me a big hurrah and it made me feel that I am not alone.
Having a strong feeling that I would not give up and hold out made my life much better.


■ What's the IRONMAN for you exactly?

What keeps me going.
I am not interested in anything special in my twenties and thirties.
I happened to find "The 1st IRONMAN70.3 Centrair Japan will be held" on the web site and
I thought "It's fate!"


"The 10th anniversary interview" will be introduced in the future.