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[10th anniversary interview] Mr. Tatsuo Uchida



■ Tell us your enthusiasum for this race.

My goal is to joyfully run my 10th IRONMAN70.3.


■ What is your most memorable race?

I enjoy the race every year since the course is different.
The most impressive race was the first one. Actually I didn't have the confidence whether I was able to run the whole race as a second-year triathlete.
I could feel a sense of accomplishment as an athlete when I managed to reach the goal.


■ Did you get something from keeping IRONMAN70.3 for ten years?

I forcus on this race and I make plans for other races.
I usually work at the office and used to lack exercise.
Thanks to keeping up on my training, the result of my check-up was much better than 10years ago.
I feel like I am younger.


■ What's the IRONMAN for you exactly?

It's just like a festival. I prepare for the festival everyday. After the event I return to my daily life looking forward to the next one. Since being transferred to the Kanagawa office, I enjoy returning home to participate in the festival.


"The 10th anniversary interview" will be introduced in the future.