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AICHI Pref. JAPAN | October 18, 2020 Sunday 
 Swim 1.9km / Bike 90.1km / Run 21.1km

Start  days later

5150 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan


5150 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan scheduled for June 14, 2020 will be postponed on October 18, 2020. Details will be updated later.

5150 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan
Sunday October 18, 2020
Chita City, Aichi Pref. JAPAN
IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan Committee
(Aichi Prefecture, Chita City, Tokoname City, Handa City,CENTRAL JAPAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT COMPANY , LIMITED, ATHLONIA Corp.)
SWIM 1.5km・BIKE 40.0km・RUN 10.0km・Total 51.5km (Olympic distance)
Early bird registration 29,000JPY (included tax)
Regular registration 30,000JPY (included tax)
Late registration 31,000JPY (included tax)
  • INCLUDES : Insurance, Award Party ticket
  • Overseas athletes are required to pay + JPY 1,000 for JTU 1 day license. (Except relay)
  • Active fees (8%) will apply.
Entry fees may vary depending on category, For more information, please see the list as bellows.
  • Athletes must be 18 years of age or older on December 31, 2020.
  • Athletes must have completed a health check within the last year with no adverse results.
  • Athletes who understands the rules of the race, has good manners as a sportsman, and is recognized as having enough physical strength and energy to finish the race with sufficient time limit.
  • Athletes must attend one of the mandatory Race Briefings. Bike check-in is not possible without attending one of the mandatory Race Briefings and you will not be able to race.
  • Valid 2020 JTU license will be required for all athletes except relay team.
    You must be one of the following.
    • JTU annual member for 2020 (Membership number must be entered when registering)
      *JTU Membership registration for 2020 start on 6 November 2019 from the URL below.
    • Overseas athletes are required to purchase JTU 1 day license. (Except relay)
      *Entry fee of AGE(Overseas) includes +JPY1,000 for the license. Overseas athletes who will join as the other category (such as PRO, VIP) are required to pay +JPY1,000 at Athlete Check-in on site.
AGE (Overseas) Applicable only for those who live outside of Japan. Entry fee includes +JPY1,000 for JTU 1 day license.



We, the event organizers, value your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. We will use the information that we gather from each of our athletes for the following purposes:
- To create and improve our event program
- To provide Athlete Information Guide and related information
- To provide and post results of events
- To send newsletters about upcoming events
- To provide services by partners, sponsors and related organizations
We will also use the information within the range necessary for the event management.
Early bird registration 22 January 2020, 12:00 pm JST to
29 January 2020, 4:59 pm JST
Regular registration 29 January 2020, 17:00 pm JST to
1 March 2020, 4:59 pm JST
Late registration 1 March 2020, 5:00 pm JST to
31 March 2020, 5:00 pm JST
  • 8% Active.com service fee will apply.
  • We may ask you not to participate in the race according to your previous race history in the entry form even after the completion of entry procedure
  • Photo ID (Passport, Japanese Driver's license) required at the time of on-site registration.
  • Capacity may be subject to change.
  • In the case of vacancy at a particular category, those to be used by the wait listed athletes.
  • IRONMAN reserve the right to reject any entry or issue special invitations.
  • Entries are not transferable, either to other persons, other IRONMAN events, years or any other international IRONMAN event
  • By completing the online entry form you are agreeing to all terms and conditions and the event waiver, including the check in and refund policy.
  • Each entry fee is included insurance, Award Party ticket. (It is not included any transportation expence and hotel and so on)
AGE 500 JPY 29,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 31,000
JPY 29,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 31,000
*We may ask you not to participate in the race according to your previous race history in the entry form even after the completion of entry procedure.
*If you have registered false information, we are not responsible for your safety on this race. Eligibility may also be lost.
*Show your Photo ID (Passport, Japanese Driver's License) at the registration on site.
Athletes confirmed in the race who wish to withdraw, must do so in writing to the race office via email info@ironman703.jp
Any requests received before 31 January 2020, 17:00 (JST) will eligible for 50% refund.
Any requests received before 6 March 2020, 17:00 (JST) will eligible for 20% refund.
Any requests received after 6 March 2020, 17:00 (JST) will not be eligible for refund under any circumstance.
*We will refund in accordance with the provisions of the above for goods (Finisher Pix fees, awards party ticket etc. ) that were sold at the same time as registration.



Price JPY4,950 (regular price JPY6,525)

FinisherPix, the Official Photographers of the IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan is giving you the chance to order your photos now & save 25%!
The FinisherPix Photo Pack includes ALL photos we identify of you in all digital formats (Basic digital image, Digital images with Finish Time, Digital images in certificate format.) A link to download all images will automatically be emailed to you when photos are available online. For more information and to review the terms and conditions of this service please visit our website at www.finisherpix.com

Price ADULT JPY3,300(included tax) /
CHILD (4-12) JPY1,650(included tax)
*Under 3 years old → FREE

Athlete's ticket is included in your entry fee.
This is For your family / friends.
Please note that on-site ticket sales might be sold out.

Event Insurance Coverage

Under the Event Insurance Policy, we cover accidents incurred during the event. In general accident insurance, illnesses are not covered, but we cover accidents caused by following illnesses that occurred accidentally during the event. ① Heart disease such as cardiac infarct or acute cardiac insufficiency ② Acute brain disease such as subarachnoid hemorrhage or intracerebral hemorrhage ③ Hypothermia, sunstroke, heat stroke or dehydration.
Provided that the insurance does not cover accidents of the following or caused by the following - willfully, criminal acts, the use such as drugs, a mental disorder, a pregnant woman, "whiplash" or low back pain without objective symptoms, physical disability caused by disease of a cause-and-effect relationship with any medical histories within last 12 months just before the race or any chronic diseases, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, war or other strife.
Coverage is as follows (not compensation for the number of days) - The death, physical impediment and hospitalization: within 180 days after the accident. Hospital attendance: within 90 days attended within 180 days after the accident.

  • Death / Aftereffects 10,000,000JPY
  • Hospitalization 5,000 JPY per day
  • Hospital attendance 3,000 JPY per day

Regarding to participate the race, we strongly recommend to take out accident insurance or life insurance individually.

2020 5150® Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan Event Waiver
Centrair Tokoname, Japan - June 14, 2020



This 5150® Event is owned by Endurance Sports Japan Co., Ltd (ESJ) and operated by IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan Executive committee (collectively, the "Organizer"), an independent licensee of World Triathlon Corporation ("WTC"). The 5150® service marks are used here by permission. Please read this entire Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks & Release Agreement (hereafter "Form") carefully before signing. The adult participant (those 20 yrs. of age or older), or the participant's legal guardian (for the participant and on his/her behalf), if applicable, must sign this Form. In consideration of the services of Organizer in allowing me to participate in this scheduled 5150® Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan 2020 (hereafter "Event") and other activities, I acknowledge and agree as follows:


I, on behalf of myself, and if the participant is a minor, on behalf of the minor participant as well, hereby release, waive, and discharge any and all claims that I (or the minor, if applicable) may have against WTC or any of its affiliates and/or Organizer from and against all liability for any and all damages and claims arising out of or related to the Event.


[5150® Centrair Chita Peninsula Japan 2020]


Event Acknowledgement, and Assumption of Risks & Release Agreement


I, the participant, and if the participant is a minor, on behalf of the minor participant as well, hereby certify to consent to the following in consideration of participating in the Event on June 14th, 2020:


[Obligation to abide by the rules of the Event (the "Rules") and responsibility for self-management]

  • I acknowledge and agree to abide by all regulations, rules, and instructions set by public authorities, Organizer, by the facility management as the event uses public and private streets, the venue facilities, and other facilities. I agree to participate in the Event with full attention to my own health and safety and acknowledge to do so in my sole responsibility. In the event of any physical or mental conditions arising during the Event, I certify and agree to retire or walk out from the Event immediately.
    I hereby agree to abide by Article 11 of the Competition Rules of Japan Triathlon Union (JTU) [Matters to observe when on the bike] and will strive to conduct a safe race, with full regard to vehicles and pedestrian during the entire Event.
    JTU Competition Rules Article 11: riders practicing or traveling to and from the meeting venue shall abide by traffic rules and regulations under the Highway Traffic Act and observe the following matters at all time when on the bike:
    1. Wear a helmet
    2. Keep to the left
    3. Stay alert to the surroundings
    4. Do no accompany a runner
    5. Keep a safe distance between vehicles
    6. Observe all traffic signals
    7. Give way to pedestrians
    8. Be vigilant of other vehicles
    I agree to observe during the Event (including during the race and at all other times) all rules, regulations, matters to be observed and any recommendations issued by the Event organisers concerning the course and the Event.


[Understanding of the Event characteristics and appropriateness of the participants]

  • I represent that I have sufficient experience in triathlon and other related sports, and I understand that the Event takes place in a rapidly changing environment, which may drastically affect my health condition.
  • I also understand that the conditions of the indoor or outdoor venues and property upon which the Event takes place may contain and there may exist uncertain factors which may prevent from the timely medical attention or treatment in case of an emergency.
  • I hereby certify, to best of my knowledge, that I am physically fit and have no medical condition that could likely worsen by participating in the Event.
  • I represent that I am in good health and that such fact has been determined by a medical advisor within the last one (1) year.
  • I hereby agree to submit any medical conditions, such as allergic diathesis, physical idiosyncrasy, and previous disease (including without limitation, excess symptom) or relevant religious remarks which should be known to WTC and/or Organizer and its medical staff in case of a medical emergency in writing prior to the Event.
  • I understand to submit my medical certificate and stress electrocardiogram certificate upon the Organizer's request.
  • I comply with the Event cancellation notice set by the Organizer in the event it is determined it would be disadvantageous to pursue the Event.
  • I hereby pre-authorize medical doctors, the Organizer and its representatives to arrange for emergency medical treatment on my behalf if medical attention is warranted during my participation in the Event and hereby release the Organizer and WTC from any liability relating to the provision of any rescue operations, first aid treatment, medical care, hospital expenses or the medical decisions made at the Event site or elsewhere on my behalf, except in the event of intentional misconduct or gross negligence of Organizer or WTC, as applicable, in which case such release will not apply to Organizer or WTC, as applicable.
  • I will review all materials received, accurately complete and agree to the registration information, documents and process, and rules and policies. I will obey all rules and policies, which include the IRONMAN Competition Rules with any applicable exceptions of any applicable national federation, international federation, race sanctioning body, the International Triathlon Union Competition Rules, and all information included in the Event-specific athlete information guide and Event-specific athlete briefing session, as each of the foregoing may be amended, from time to time; and all traffic laws. I acknowledge that in order to participate in the Event, I may be required to be a current member of, or purchase a one-day license from, the race sanctioning body.
  • By submitting this entry, I agree to be bound by and comply with the IRONMAN Anti-Doping Rules including, without limitation, all policies, procedures and/or other rules adopted by WTC (as may be amended from time to time and at any time by WTC), and the authority given to WTC under those rules. I also agree to be bound by the World Anti-Doping Code and associated International Standards, as issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency (e.g., the International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, the List of Prohibited Substances and Prohibited Methods, and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations). I acknowledge that I may also be bound by the rules of any applicable national federation, international federation, race sanctioning body, or anti-doping organization with authority over me;


[Exemption from injury and fatal accident]

  • The Event takes place indoors or outdoors and can include but not be limited to: warm-up exercises; competitive swimming, cycling and running, both in practice and in the Event; demo-ing (trying out) gear; participation in clinics, training, demonstrations or other games and activities, attendance at any activities, use of any equipment, facilities or premises and traveling in planes, vans, buses or other vehicles to and from activities (the Event and other activities collectively referred to in this Form as "activities" or "activity"). Activities may be scheduled or unscheduled, mandatory or optional, whether or not authorized and/or conducted by Organizer, structured or unstructured and include free time. I acknowledge that the inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers (collectively referred to in this Form as "risks") of these activities can cause injury, damage, death or other loss to participant or others. The following describes some, but not all of the inherent risks, as applicable to participant's activities:
  • Risks present in an outdoor environment. Participants may be subject to: high altitude or mountainous terrain; severe storms or bad weather such as lightning, strong winds, rain, hail, snow and ice; fast moving or deep lakes, oceans or other water bodies; currents or whitewater; extremely hot or cold weather; stinging, venomous and/or disease carrying animals (including marine life) or insects and other natural or man-made hazards. Hazards (both on land and above and below water level) may not be marked or visible and weather is always unpredictable.
  • Cycling, running and swimming risks. These risks include the risk of losing control and falling from the bike, colliding with objects (including UAVs (defined below), parked or moving vehicles and/or bicycles) or people (including co-participants or spectators) on land or in water, tripping or falling down or encountering other water/road/trail hazards; or being submerged underwater, hitting bottom or drowning.
  • Personal health and participation risks. The risk that a participant's mental, physical or emotional condition (including any use or abuse of alcohol or prescription or non-prescription drugs), whether disclosed or undisclosed, known or unknown, combined with participation in these activities could result in injury, damage, death or other loss. Although Organizer may review participant's medical information, submitted in the registration process, Organizer cannot anticipate or eliminate risks or complications posed by a participant's mental, physical (including fitness level) or emotional condition.
  • Risks connected with location. Activity location may cause or contribute to delays or difficulties in communication, transportation, evacuation or medical care.
  • Equipment risks. The risk that equipment used in activities may be misused, or may break, fail or malfunction. Participant (and/or the participant's legal guardian) assumes full responsibility for choosing appropriate equipment and for the fit and condition of the equipment. Organizer requires use of helmets for biking activities. Helmets or other safety gear may prevent or lessen injuries in some instances; however, use of safety gear is not a guarantee of safety, and injury can occur even with the use of this gear.
  • Supervision and activities risks. I understand that neither Organizer nor its staff, representatives, volunteers, contractors or anyone associated with them will be supervising participant during the activities or at any time. Adult participant agrees he/she is solely responsible for his/her own well-being at all times; or, if applicable, a participant's legal guardian agrees to take sole responsibility for participant's supervision before, during and after the Event and other activities, including during free time and at all other times.
  • Risks regarding conduct. The potential that participant, co-participant/s and/or third party/s may act in a negligent or intentional manner.
  • Drone risks. I understand that unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs", also known as "drones") may be used at the Event for media or other purposes and accept the risk of a collision with, and any damage or injury relating to, any UAV.
  • Risk regarding criminal/terrorist activity. The potential that third party/s may commit criminal acts or acts of terrorism.
  • I acknowledge and understand that compensation is made within the Organizer's insurance coverage and the Event does not provide me with personal accident insurance coverage and that I am responsible to obtain my own personal accident insurance coverage should I wish to be eligible for accident benefits, except in the event of intentional misconduct or gross negligence of Organizer or WTC, as applicable, in which case such release will not apply to Organizer or WTC, as applicable.



Please read carefully. This Release section contains a surrender of certain legal rights. I hereby acknowledge and assume all of the risks of participating in the Event and agree as follows:

  • To release and not to sue Organizer, WTC, applicable federation and/or race sanctioning body, Event sponsors, Event organizers, Event promoters, Event producers, race directors, Event officials, Event staff, advertisers, administrators, contractors, vendors, volunteers, and property owners and state, city, town, county, and other governmental bodies, and/or municipal agencies whose property and/or personnel are used and/or in assist in locations where the activities take place, and each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, assignees, licensees, owners, officers, directors, partners, board members, shareholders, members, supervisors, insurers, agents, employees, volunteers, contractors and representatives or entities associated or involved with the activities (individually and collectively referred to in this Form as the "Released Parties"), with respect to any and all claims, liabilities, suits or expenses (including attorneys' fees and costs) (collectively referred to in this Form as "claim" or "claim/s") for lost property, stolen property, disposed property, or any other loss (excluding grave injury or death) connected with my enrollment or participation in the activities, including use of equipment, facilities or premises, howsoever caused; negligence, whether passive or active, of the Released Parties; and/or any breach by the Released Parties of statutory duty. I acknowledge and understand that compensation is made within the Organizer's insurance coverage and the Event does not provide me with personal accident insurance coverage, except in the event of intentional misconduct or gross negligence of Organizer or WTC, as applicable, in which case such release will not apply to Organizer or WTC, as applicable.
  • This Release section includes but is not limited to claim/s for personal injury or wrongful death (including claim/s related to emergency, medical, drug and/or health issues, response, assessment or treatment), property damage, loss of consortium, breach of contract or any other claim, including claim/s resulting from the negligence of Released Parties, whether passive or active, except in the event of intentional misconduct or gross negligence of Organizer or WTC, as applicable, in which case such release will not apply to Organizer or WTC, as applicable.


[Exemption from force majeure occurrence]

  • Additionally, I hereby release the Organizer and WTC from any liability relating to the expenses to participate in the Event following the cancellation or modification to the Event due to weather conditions or other 'Act of God' or due to the loss or damage of the Event materials (including without limitation, the Event property, venue and facilities).


[Media and commercial usage of personal data]

  • I understand that at the Event or related activities, my personal data (including without limitation, images, name, address, age and race history) may be published in the media related to the Event. I grant to Organizer, WTC, and each of their respective affiliates, designees, assignees, and sponsors the right and permission to photograph, film, record and/or otherwise capture in any media the name, image, voice, written statement, photograph and/or visual likeness of me and/or my family members (collectively "images"), with right to sublicense, during the activities or otherwise, without compensation, for use for any purpose and in any media throughout the world in perpetuity, including but not limited to use in broadcasts, photographs, publications, podcasts, webcasts, motion pictures, brochures, CDs, DVDs, internet websites, television, and/or in any related commercial, informational, educational, advertising, or promotional materials. I understand that all ownership and copyright rights in the images will be owned by Organizer, its assignees, or its designees, and I waive any inspection or approval rights. I understand and agree that my name, bib number and race results will be available to the public during and after the Event.
  • In no event may I (or anyone else on my behalf) without the prior written consent of WTC, its assignees, or its designees: (a) use any intellectual property of WTC and/or its affiliates, including, but not limited to, the IRONMAN®, 70.3®, Iron Girl®, IRONKIDS®, Velothon®, Cape Epic®, 5150®, and Rock 'n' Roll® marks and names, the "M-Dot" logo, "K-Dot" logo (collectively, the "WTC IP") and/or any words or marks that refer to, or are suggestive of, or confusingly similar to, the Event, any Event logo, Event name, Event location, Event date, or Event race distance (collectively, "Event IP"), or (b) sell, market, distribute, or produce any products, events, merchandise, websites, or services that are IRONMAN®-branded, 70.3®-branded, Event-branded, or branded or marked using (i) any Event logo, (ii) any Event name, (iii) any Event IP, or (iv) or any IRONMAN IP (including without limitation the word "IRON" or any foreign translation thereof as a prefix for, or component of, any race, event, trade name, trademark, organization name, club name, or brand of any kind, in each case in any way related to triathlon, triathletes, training, coaching, or any endurance sports).


[Agreement and settlement of next of kin]

  • I and my parents, guardians, and next of kin hereby acknowledge the content of the Event set forth in this Form and permit to participate in the event.
  • In the event of any doubts arising in connection with or toward this Form, I agree to resolve them in accordance with the rules and regulation related to the Event. If by any chance a dispute arises in connection with this Form, the exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial will be executed by the Tokyo municipal court and the statutes and laws of the Japan will apply to all matters relating to this Form.


[Settlement, governing law and jurisdiction]

  • If I am signing as the participant's legal guardian, I have the legal authority to act for the participant and on their behalf. If my guardian status is challenged or found invalid, I will defend the Released Parties, to the fullest extent allowed by law and per the provisions of this Form, just as if I were the participant's lawful legal guardian.


*The Event Committee strongly recommends and advises participants to purchase and obtain sufficient accident and life insurance coverage separate to the above.
You must electronically sign the waiver at the time of the registration.


*Schedule are subject to change. Please be aware of the latest information wil be posted on this website. and on our FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ironman70.3Japan.

*Event Schedule changed partially.

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Time Events Venue
13:00-17:00 IRONMAN 70.3 Merchandise Store Open
IRONMAN 70.3 Expo Open

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

Time Events Venue
9:00-17:00 IRONMAN 70.3 Merchandise Store Open
IRONMAN 70.3 Expo Open
12:00-12:50 Race Briefing 1 TBD
14:00-14:50 Race Briefing 2
10:00-17:00 Athlete Check-in TBD
12:00-18:00 Bike Check-In T1
Shinmaiko Marine Park

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Time Events Venue
5:30-7:30 Paking Area Open Shinmaiko Marine Park Paking Area
10:30 Transition Area Close Shinmaiko Marine Park
11:10 First Wave Start
11:20 Second Wave Start
14:35-18:00 Paking Area Open
15:20 Cut off (4 hours after each wave start)
16:00 Awards ceremony
9:00-19:00 IRONMAN 70.3
Merchandise Store Open /
IRONMAN 70.3 Expo Open
18:30 Open
19:00 Start
Award Party TBD
Race Briefing (RB)
It is compulsory for all athletes to attend a Race Briefing. You will not be able to check-in if you have not attended a briefing.
Athlete Check-in
All athletes are required to check-in within the specified times above.
Bike Check-in
All athletes must check-in before bikes can be racked in transition.


Details will be announced later.

SWIM Blue sun beach 2 laps
BIKE Chita ctiy waterfront 3 laps
RUN Around Shinmaiko Marine Park


We will guide you through the process from bike check-in on the day before the tournament to finish on the day.

Athlete packet for Relay
  • Race BIB x 2
  • Safty Pins for Race Bib x 8
  • Bike seat post sticker and Helmet sticker x 1
  • Transition Bag x 1
  • Swim Cap x 1
  • ID wristband
  • Timing Chip
  • Sponsor promotion item
  • Gift
  • The race merchandise you purchased when you registered
Types and use of Transition bags
Types Use
Transition bag For Run and Bike gear.
Goods such as bikewear, runwear, running shoes, socks, caps, sun visors, sunglasses, food supplements, and towels must be placed in the provided transition bag.
Previous day (Sat. June 13)
Athlete Check-In
ID Please show photo ID. If you have a Japanese insurance card, please submit a copy on A4 size paper.
athlete packet Please check the contents when you receive the athlete packet.
* ID wristband will be secured to your wrist during Check-In and will need to be worn through to the end of the race.
Race Briefing1 : 12:00-12:50
Race Briefing2 : 14:40-14:50
Race Briefing Participation in competition briefing is mandatory.
* Athlete check in / Race briefing doesn't matter which one you go first.
Preparing for the race
Shinmaiko Marine Park
BIB ◆Attach the race BIB to the wear.
Bike Wear Back
Run Wear Chest
* Those who participate in a bike and run with one piece of clothing without changing clothes, please attach to both the back and chest.
◆Put a bike post sticker and Helmet sticker on the bike and helmet.
BIKE Under saddle
HELMET On the front of the helmet
* A helmet cannot protect your head unless it is securely fastened with a strap. Adjust the straps in advance to secure the helmet.
BIB ◆How to attach the race BIB
Please fasten the safety pins at the four corners of the race BIB.
If you use race BIB belts, you can put them on the front and back of the belt. If you attach only one race BIB to the belt, you can use it with the back on the bike and the chest on the run.
Be careful not to forget to attach the belt at the transition and to swap the BIB back and front.
Also, be careful not to lower the BIB position when using the race number belt.
Bike Check-In
Shinmaiko Marine Park
BIKE Please have a bike check from the Marshall.
After passing the bike check, place your bike in the transition area (where to switch Swim/Bike/Run: bike parking area).
In the transition area, hang your bike at the position of your race number.
  Put the helmet near the bike or hang it on the bike rack.
* Bike check-in is until 18:00. After that, you cannot enter the transition area.
Race day (Sun. June 14)
Shinmaiko Marine Park
トランジションバッグ Transition bag should be set-up by your own after putting your bike gear on the previous day or race day.
Bike shoes should be pre-set on the bike or placed close to the bike.
* The transition area closes at 10:30. Please note that you can not enter after closing.
glasses If you want to pick up your glasses immediately after the swim finish, please place them on the glasses desk near the swim finish.
wave Please wait in the area of the first wave and the second wave.
Shinmaiko Marine Park
transition bag
Prepare the bike after storing the luggage used in the swim such as swim caps and goggles in the transition bag.
* Pick up those who put their glasses on the glasses desk.
BIKE Pick up your Bike.
Shinmaiko Marine Park
バイク Hang the bike on a free rack.
transition bag
Pick up your transition bag.
Change clothes in the changing tent.
transition bag
Prepare for the run after storing the luggage used on the bike such as helmets and shoes in the transition bag.
Shinmaiko Marine Park
Change clothes in the changing tent.
awards ceremony Participate in the awards ceremony for 5150.
Pick up transition bag.
バイク Pick up your bike.
The transition area closes at 17:00. By then please take your bike and transition bag.
The parking lot closes at 18:00. Please leave the car by then.
Awards ceremony
Awards ceremony Participate in the awards ceremony for 70.3.

Copyright © 2001-2020 World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). All Rights Reserved. IRONMAN@,IRONMAN TRIATHLON@, M-DOT®, IRONMANLIVE®, IRONMAN.COM™, and 70.3® are trademarks of WTC. Any use of these marks without the express written consent of WTC is prohibited.